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Dental implants range from single-tooth replacement to complete upper and lower arch replacement. If you need dental implants, they’ll either be fitted in the dental chair under local anaesthetic or in hospital under general anaesthetic. 


Teeth fall out for a wide range of reasons including gum disease, trauma, or decay. And as a result, the missing teeth may cause the structure of your lips and face to collapse, making you look prematurely aged as you no longer have any structural support to your face.

Remember that most dentists would prefer you to keep your own teeth rather than undergoing extraction and implantation. But when this is not possible, dental implants may provide you with a functional mouth and an aesthetically pleasing smile.


Dental Implants provide a permanent and long-term alternative to dentures. Having been used since the mid-1960s to replace missing teeth, they look, feel, and function just like your own teeth. Regardless of the design, all dental implants have three main components: 

  • A titanium screw fixture that goes into the bone

  • An abutment (a piece of metal attached to the screw which sits above the gumline)

  • A crown (fixed on top of the abutment) made either of ceramic or porcelain fused to metal


For the best results, you will need to undergo a thorough medical and dental examination, an assessment of your bone density, and a sinus assessment. Then your dentist will prepapre the area of your missing tooth and check the surrounding gums.

Your initial consultation and any aftercare and maintenance will take place with us at Royal Parade Dental. Then we’ll refer you to our specialist periodontist, Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez who will take care of all surgical components of your dental implant treatment, treating the surrounding gums, performing the surgery, and extracting if necessary.  If your bone volume or quality is inadequate, Dr. Rodriguez will carry out either a bone graft or sinus lift. Both procedures are routine.


Later, you can be fitted with a customised, natural looking crown to replace the missing tooth. It will look, feel, and operate just like a real tooth.


In the past, implants took between four and six months to fuse to the bone before a porcelain or metal crown could be attached. With today’s technology, you may be able to have a crown fitted on the same day as the implant. 

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Implant supported dentures are dentures that are supported by fixed implants, rather than the gums alone. They are strong and reliable and might be perfect for you if you can’t tolerate a denture covering the top of your mouth. 


If you have lost multiple teeth, there will be nothing to support your new dentures, meaning they will move around more or slip as you talk and eat. Anchoring implants to support your dentures will leave you better able to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.


  • An immediate denture will be inserted on the same day as your teeth are removed. That means you’ll need to have had moulds of your mouth taken during a previous visit.

  • The obvious advantage of immediate dentures is that you won’t ever have to go without teeth. But, since bone and gums shrink over time, especially in the three months after your teeth are removed, your new denture will probably need to be Relined after a few months.

  • The best option for you will depend on your general dental health, your budget, and your personal preferences. Call us to make a dental appointment and explore your options.


Your bone will grow and bond to the implant, strengthening it and ensuring it lasts.


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They offer improved appearance:

When you lose both the crown and root of a tooth, your jawbone may shrink and cause your face to look older. While a traditional denture or dental bridge does nothing to stop this, dental implants will.

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They preserve your natural teeth:

Have a traditional dental bridge fitted and the teeth adjacent to your missing teeth may need to be ground down to be used as anchors. But dental implants can be fitted without modifying healthy teeth.

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They offer a permanent solution:

Dental implants are stable and comfortable and there are no loose parts to worry about. You shouldn’t need any adjustment after placement and an implant should serve you for life.

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