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Dentists are highly trained in facial anatomy, dimensions, and structure. And we are highly skilled at administering fine needles. Dentistry is no longer the simple practice of treating teeth and gums. With the advent of dento-facial aesthetic treatment, a relatively new branch of dentistry that allows dentists to blend dental restoration work with cosmetic procedures, we now offer an all-inclusive treatment for enhancing your smile.

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We administer an anti-wrinkle treatment to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. And when combined with dental treatments such as teeth whitening, anti-wrinkle treatment can help improve the overall look of your smile.


All our clinicians are regulated by the Dental Board of Australia. The board’s strict regulations and ethical guidelines mean our dentists have completed comprehensive training around drug interactions. And should a drug interaction arise, our dentists know just how to resolve associated complications. What’s more, all our practitioners have completed further study and attend regular courses to upskill and keep their knowledge up to date.


We use the very latest products and administer them in a highly sterilised environment. For your convenience and discretion, dental treatment and facial injectables can be performed during the same visit. And at Royal Parade Dental Clinic, we also provide a review two weeks after your treatment to evaluate its effectiveness and make any amendments necessary to ensure you are completely happy with the outcome.


Muscle relaxant injections are a common treatment for reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating skin. They’re made from a purified protein that, when injected into your skin, blocks chemical signals between your brain and your muscles, preventing your muscles from contracting. This makes your skin appear younger and softer. Muscle relaxants are commonly used alongside lip fillers to enhance the lips and other areas of the face.


Injecting your main chewing muscle with muscle relaxants can treat teeth grinding and issues related to the jaw. Your masseter is your primary chewing muscle. It attaches to your lower jawbone and cheekbone: If you clench your teeth and feel along your jaw with your fingers, you’ll feel a bump raising out of the side of your face. 


Muscle relaxants limit your masseter’s strength and activity, reducing your ability to grind your teeth and clench your jaw. This prevents further wear to your teeth, staving off cracking and other damage. It will also help combat jaw pain, tension, and headaches.


The treatment only takes a few minutes per side. And while three or four days is more common, you may even start feel the effects the next day. Because we are all different, your dentist will determine the optimum muscle relaxant dose for you.


Muscle relaxant affects will typically last for three to six months. And regular treatments will shrink your muscle over time, giving you a slimmer, more V-shaped face, and reducing your square-shaped jaw. Aesthetic treatments such as this and in-chair whitening can completely rejuvenate your smile and face.


Muscle relaxant injections take approximately 15 minutes, so you can easily combine them with other treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections to improve your crow feet, frown lines, or forehead wrinkles.


After your appointment, it’s important to steer clear of makeup for 24 hours. You should also abstain from strenuous exercise for a day, and avoid touching your face or lying down for four hours.


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A ‘gummy smile’, also known as excessive gingival display, is a smile that reveals a disproportionate amount of gum above the upper teeth.


The most common causes of gummy smile are:


  • Hyperfunction of the upper lip (the lip pulls too high when smiling)

  • A short upper lip

  • Abnormal dental eruption (teeth appearing short as they remain partially covered by gum tissue)

  • Small teeth relative to the gum because of genetics or wear


A muscle relaxant injected to muscles on either side of your nose will reduce how far your top lip can pull up. It will also lower your upper lip, rearranging and reordering your smile.

But don’t expect visible changes directly after your treatment. The full effects will develop slowly over the following three to 14 days. And while results can vary, you can expect them to last for around three months.


Periodontal surgery, known as a ‘gum life’ is another treatment option that taking an impression and sending to the laboratory for them to reline the denture so it sits better on the tissues therefore being more stable and will also have more retention  (Doesn't move as much when patient eats and speaks)

Depending on the exact cause of your gummy smile, we can advise you on the best methods for treatment and tailor your solution to your needs


Because muscle relaxants are carefully measured for you as an individual, you’re unlikely to suffer any serious side effects. However, possible side effects may include:


  • Headaches

  • Pain

  • Burning or stinging

  • Swelling

  • Redness

  • Bruising around the injection site


Side effects are minimised when a trained professional carries out the procedure.  


While the benefits of muscle relaxants are well documented, they are not for everyone at all stages of life. Avoid them if:


  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • You have had muscle relaxant in the last two to three months

  • You are allergic to albumin

  • Immunization to muscle relaxant

  • You have an infection, skin condition, or muscle weakness at the site of injection

  • You have Eaton-Lambert syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or myasthenia gravis


You should also avoid injectables if you:


  • Suffer from a neuro-muscular or auto-immune disorder

  • Have a known sensitivity to BtxA or other constituents

  • Are taking certain medications including quinine and aminoglycoside antibiotics


For complete peace of mind, speak in depth to your clinician. And if you take omega-3 or anti-coagulant NSAIDS for bruising, or have suffered from dysmorphic psychological issues, be sure to mention this.


You’ll be ready to return to daily activities immediately after treatment. However, you should stay upright and avoid touching the treated area for at least two or four hours to prevent the solution diffusing to adjacent muscles.


You will be given comprehensive post-operative instructions from your practitioner following your treatment.

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